Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy 36th Birthday

Happy 36th Birthday


November 25, 2007

I pray the Angels are celebrating your day with you! I miss you… I find it hard to believe that you are gone, never to walk on this earth, in this plane again. At least you are free, whole and out of pain. I wish more people could have understood you.

I wish more could have understood your pain and suffering and welcomed you with more grace. I know it was not easy to live and survive through the pain that you endured. But you did… each day you got up and each day you lived as best you could with the tools and grace you received from Father God.

I had such hopes for you. I had hoped that you could have overcome some of your addictions and enjoyed complete freedom from illness. I had hoped that you could have found a husband to love you and been able to have children. I suppose that the Lord Jesus was more interested in bringing you home to be your husband. You are now a perfect bride: the bride of Christ. We are all destined to be His bride. You just beat us to the punch. I applaud you at finishing your race. I know you are surprised at being in Heaven now.

I wish for us that we could have learned to love you better… to understand how to care for you better. Yet, in the time that you were here, we learned a lot about how to love a severely broken individual. You taught us a lot about how to listen, how to stretch our hearts to embrace that which we did not understand. You taught me how to see beyond my earthly limits. Father put you here to teach me many things… I only wish that you did not have to suffer the rejection of those who did not understand you. Now you get to run with the angels… enjoy the presence of the King of Kings my dear daughter… give Him a huge hug and kiss for me! I love you and miss you much! You will get to spend Jesus’ Birthday with Him… amazing! What a celebration that will be… know that we all miss you and love you!

Love, Miss Ramy


Anna said...

Oh this post is making me cry so hard....

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. So very sorry...

RamyB said...

Jeannette is free... she is out of pain. She has joined a great host of others who have gone on before her into the Kingdom of Heaven. My loss is Heaven's gain. She taught me a lot while she was here... she taught me a lot about unconditional love. I am a much better person for her presence in my life.

Each and every one of us has the opportunity to love the others placed in our lives. We never know when they will suddenly be taken from us. So while we have the opportunity to love, let us love...

with love and care,